nichole taylor

Nichole Taylor 


T: (416) 391-3232  |  E: nichole@tailoredassociates.com

Nichole Taylor is an Investor, a Realtor and an established Business Woman. Her genuine enthusiasm for creating and cultivating business opportunities are the keys to her success.

Nichole started off as a preteen, with a paper route, and soon after started various small Business ventures. When Nichole turned 25 she dove head first into the world of business becoming a full-time Entrepreneur, never looking back. 

After selling her 1st company, Nichole focused on teaching herself computer programming and developed her own customer management software. Nichole decided to put that business on hold to pursue other opportunities in the field of Business and Property management. This eventually led to her getting her Real Estate license.


Almost immediately her network and sales skills set her apart from the rest and in the first year of becoming a Realtor, she sold over 5 Million in commercial & residential properties. With a staff and team of professionals behind her, Nichole can focus on the bigger picture and hone in on her strengths. Nichole has always been prepared to push through set backs, work hard and take the stairs. She credits her spirituality, mentors and families support for motivating her to reach to the top, while staying true to her vision.